Sunday, 20 July 2014

Convenient and Practical Airport Parking Luton

You have to need some kind of source of transport to the airport. The source should be convenient and practical as well. Luton airport parking is well associated by bus service and has enough space for parking. The time limit of the bus service is between 15 to 30 minutes from London Buckingham palace Road which is about one hour away from the airport. This service is available for 24 hours in 7 days except Christmas Day.
No Train Station
As you need to be aware that Luton is not accessible by the train as it has no train station. You need to go with bus service option to reach to the airport or use your own car which needs to be parked at the airport parking Luton or hiring a cab for. Nevertheless, it is a popular airport which is not far from London central. Chauffeur services have made it very reachable for the folks.
Booking Online Parking
Reaching out to people with the most possible way can add to popularity of anything. Booking of airport parking Luton space is possible with the online medium. Many parking sites on the internet are available which can help you in booking a parking space at Luton. You just need to visit these sites and fill a digital car license number recognition system. You need to keep the ticket at the safe place because it needs to be show off when you need to collect your car after the trip.
Official Parking
The official parking system goes on full-automobile number plate system. When you arrive at the onsite parking you have to enter the car registration number. If you have online booking then it will recognize the number and it will automatically confirm the booking. You need to keep the ticket as you need to raise the barrier when to get to the airport. On you return will need the same ticket so keep it safely with you.
Types of Parking
Luton has been offering three different types of parking. The short term parking is like a walk away from the terminal. When you go for the long term parking you need to park your car away from the terminal which is ten minutes away from the airport. You need to take a shuttle for reaching the airport. The service is quite good. Within 10 minutes there are many buses which will make a source of taking you to the airport. Airport Parking Luton is considered to be the most convenient and practical for many users which is liked by many travellers.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Get acquainted with the finest option of meet and greet parking

In the dictionary of English, Stuck and Airport might be two words not used in. But unfortunately more often than not, this is the case with most of travelers. So, it’s a time to sit down what make a sense of two words possible while you are planning of ready to take a trip. Yes, all what you need is to realize the reason behind the problem occurring in your delays and irritation of taking trip. Perhaps, it is caused due to unplanned travel or waiting of parking in long line of traffic. For many travelers, especially those going away as a group; jetting off early or returning on a late flight, driving is the simplest, cheapest and quickest way at airport. Parking is one of the most crucial things which become the reason of a great hurdle while boarding.
You should avoid waiting in long lines and go for the enough right option. Consider the best parking deals at credible source where Travel Genie is a right and successful option. Choose Travel Genie with its meet and greet service which is much more beneficial and economical.
The way it works could not be a simpler. Just make a call to a parking company when you are minutes from the airport. So, the firm gets to know that you are on your way. A fully insured driver will meet you at the drop off zone whatever terminal you choose. You will be as near as physically possible to the check-in-desk.

Your chauffeur will make a note of any existence marks on your vehicle, and its mileage, before waving you off then taking your car to a secure compound zone and parking up for you. For the moment, you are free to focus on getting checked in and air side, relax over a coffee, or do a spot of last minute shopping. There is no hanging around in car parks waiting for a transport bus, or lugging bags on and off transfer vehicle. In fact, it’s valued that meet and greet parking could save you up to two hours in travel time. 

Travel Genie gives you the surety of fully secured and cost effective parking:
If you are thinking that it will cost you more than your pocket and disturb your budget, it would be saying pleasantly that at how cost effective meet and greet parking is compared to train, bus and cab fares.
So, travel without troubles an amazing start to your journey with whole security.